Local Roofer in Clapham | Benefit of Installing New Flat Roofs

Abel Roofing & Building is an experienced roofing company that proudly serves domestic and commercial customers in the Clapham area of London. Our local roofers are skilled in various aspects of roofing for your pleasure and convenience. This includes:

  • Roof Repairs

  • Leak Detection

  • New Roofs (Including New Flat Roofs)

  • Flat Roof Repair (Including EPDM Rubber Roofing)
  • Guttering Services (Including Fascias and Soffits)

To learn more about the work we produce, please visit our gallery page. Here, you can find examples of our previous work for lead detection, fascias and soffits, EPDM rubber roofing and much more.

Flat roofing is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and commercial property owners alike. When compared to pitched roofing, there are some key characteristics that make flat roofs more appealing to some of our customers. We would like to cover some of the main benefits of installing new flat roofs to help you better understand their value.

Cost Effective Roofing

Whether it’s our new roofs or our guttering services, the cost of roofing work is something that’s important to our Clapham-based customers. Luckily, flat roofing systems are some of the most affordable out there, both in terms of installation and upkeep.

Repair and Maintenance Work

As local roofers who provide flat roof repairs, we’re well aware of just how durable many forms of flat roofing can be. Materials such as EPDM rubber are water, wind and fire-resistant, allowing them to have a long lifespan. In fact, some are known to last up to 50 years. However, like with all roofing systems, occasional roof repairs will keep everything in its best condition. This can be easily performed by a roofing company like us as flat roofs are easily accessible, allowing our roofing contractors to get up on the roof and perform all repair work with diligence and efficiency.

Increased Functionality

The last of the key benefits of new flat roofs is how they can give you more functional outdoor space for your Clapham property. For some homeowners and commercial property owners, this gives them an opportunity to be creative and design a lively rooftop space, such as a roof garden or terrace, ideal for relaxing and admiring views of the London skyline. You could also use this additional space practically for storage or utility areas, creating more indoor space in return. There are various avenues you could choose to go down with the design and layout of your flat roof.

If you wish to learn more about new roofs, flat roof repairs, general roof repairs, guttering services or anything in between, please reach out to Abel Roofing & Building today. Our local roofers are always willing to share their years of experience and professional insight.

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